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Kleiderly’s Alina Bassi on running a purpose-driven startup and building a circular fashion industry

November 05, 2020 Stun and Awe Episode 13
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Kleiderly’s Alina Bassi on running a purpose-driven startup and building a circular fashion industry
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Show Notes

Our guest today isn’t afraid of challenges. She founded a startup to take on not one, but two sustainability problems. Alina Bassi is Founder and CEO of Kleiderly, a Berlin-based startup that aims to reduce the fashion footprint and the usage of oil based plastic by replacing it with its patent-pending sustainable plastic alternative. She’s a Google for Startups Female Founder alumni, she recently joined the Forbes 30 under 30 and holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering. She’s converted coffee into biofuel, and she just launched Tech in Color. 

We talk about Kleiderly’s business model, her approach to prioritization, the metrics she uses to measure progress, and what’s the future of the fashion industry. 

We talk about:

  • Why Alina decided to launch Kleiderly and what it's all about
  • Kleiderly's supply chain
  • Keiderly's target and customer acquisition strategy 
  • The impact of the circular economy on fashion brands 
  • Kleiderly's current production operations and future plans
  • Alina's funding strategy and the challenges she's faced
  • Alina’s experience in going from zero to 7 employees 
  • How putting your team members in the deep end can be a great path to growth
  • How Alina prioritizes and set goals to align her team and drive progress
  • What metrics she uses to measure success
  • Alina's view on what is missing for us to accelerate the change towards a more sustainable world
  • Alina's experience as a female founder and how the Google Female Founder Program helped her
  • And more

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