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Launching a Bitcoin Startup During the COVID-19 Crisis with Coinmiles Founder & CEO Dave Pouliot

December 16, 2020 Stun and Awe Episode 14
Growth Leap
Launching a Bitcoin Startup During the COVID-19 Crisis with Coinmiles Founder & CEO Dave Pouliot
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Show Notes

If you don’t own any Bitcoins yet, this episode is for you. We talk to Dave Pouliot, Founder and CEO of Coinmiles, a Montreal-based startup that gives you free Bitcoins when you shop online. Dave is a former detective and lawyer turned tech startup founder. He’s extremely authentic. He’s passionate about cryptocurrency and the positive impact it can have in our society. Dave shares his experience and practical advice on how to raise money, build a tech startup with a non-tech background, hire engineers, and how to survive an app launch in the middle of a pandemic.

We talk about:

  • What’s Coinmiles’s offering 
  • Coimiles’s business model
  • How Coinmiles complied with regulation on Bitcoins 
  • Coinmiles’s go-to-market strategy 
  • Dave’s journey from being a detective cop to founding Bitcoin Startup
  • Dave’s advice on fundraising 
  • What investors looked into while investing in Coinmiles
  • How Dave managed to get first prototype without tech background
  • Dave’s team building strategy 
  • Dave’s approach to manage remote and distributed team 
  • Dave’s experience on launching app in pandemic times 
  • Coinmiles’s incredibly effective customer acquisition strategy 
  • What does Bitocoin mean for average consumer according to Dave 
  • The Cryptocurrency’s future from Dave’s prospective 
  • How does Dave measure success at Coinmiles 
  • Dave’s advice on being an entrepreneur
  • Coinmiles’s growth plans 
  • Dave’s key takeaways from his journey and advice to young entrepreneurs 

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