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From launch to successful exit in less than two years with bootstrapped startup expert Arvid Kahl

January 14, 2021 Stun and Awe Episode 15
Growth Leap
From launch to successful exit in less than two years with bootstrapped startup expert Arvid Kahl
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Show Notes

If you’re interested in building a startup that works like clockwork, you need to listen to our guest today. He’s done it, and he’s done pretty much everything right. He co-founded, a SaaS startup and went from launch to selling it in just under two years. Arvid Kahl is an entrepreneur, investor, author, software engineer, and bootstrapped startup expert. He’s the author of the book Zero to Sold: How to Start, Run, and Sell a Bootstrapped Business and he’s busy writing a second one. 

We talk about what to do to build a sellable company, his approach to automation, how to stay in touch with end users, how he made build or buy decisions, his secret to onboarding employees quickly, and his take on founders’ mental health and bootstrapping. It was such a fun and insightful interview. Enjoy!

We cover:

  • Arvid’s background and what he’s been up to since selling his startup
  • What problem Arvid and his partner faced that led to the launch of FeebackPanda
  • The simple marketing strategy that generated a constant influx of customers
  • How Arvid avoided previous product validation mistakes
  • The resources and frameworks that helped Arvid built an automated and sellable bootstrapped startup
  • Arvid’s advice to allow engineers to do coding deep work without losing touch with the end users
  • The automations Arvid put in place  to increase effectiveness and productivity 
  • How Arvid made made or buy decisions while developing his product
  • The biggest hiring mistake Arvid made
  • Arvid’s secret to hire and get people up and running in a matter of hours 
  • Arvid documented his processes
  • The habit you need to acquire to
  • Why Arvid prefers startups who ride a sustainable linear curve instead of a hockey stick

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