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Growth Hacking Secrets with Angel Investor and Growth Expert Alexej Habinski

May 17, 2021 Stun and Awe Episode 19
Growth Leap
Growth Hacking Secrets with Angel Investor and Growth Expert Alexej Habinski
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Show Notes

Today’s guest is Alexej Habinski, a multifaceted growth expert who has developed his growth hacking craft at Rocket Internet and later at foodora (later acquired by Delivery Hero). Alexej was Global Director of Performance Marketing & Rider Growth there and scaled annual GMV turnover from close to €0 to >€500M. 

Growth advisor and angel investor, he now develops growth systems and teams for venture backed startups, including TIER Mobility, Sharpist,,, and

In this episode, Alexej shares his personal philosophy and outlook on growth. He talks about the importance of making your product social and speaks on the fortune he has had in working with diverse business models.

What you will learn:

  1. Background to his career and the businesses he is involved in
  2. The biggest growth hack he has discovered and implemented
  3. Common mistakes startups make and the still relevant 4Ps of marketing 
  4. The value of talking to your customers
  5. Simple growth tactics startups can use to approach potential customers 
  6. Typical mistakes startup founders make 
  7. His advice on channel strategy why he believes you need to crack marketing on TikTok

If you tend to overthink and procrastinate, Alexej has a few solutions for you that you can implement in your business. He favors focused actions, values customer feedback, and has a unique perspective on marketing and why he recommends not using paid advertising early in your startup development. 

He shares simple tactics to approaching customers that are often overlooked, common mistakes founders make such as being unfocused, and how to strategically prioritize your to-dos.

Enjoy the show and happy listening!

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